Guidelines for Use

Maintenance and Safety Guidelines for using Poolsaic™ products

You want your pool mat to last a long time and prevent any possible hazards so keep these tips in mind. 


  • Remove your Pool Mat from the pool before the pool is closed or winterized for the season.
  • Let it dry thoroughly before storing for the winter.
  • Store flat in a cool dry area. (For long-term storage, you can roll with the printed side facing out and store it in a cool dry place.)
  • Remove during heavy shock treatments or when chlorine levels exceed 10 PPM or more.
  • Maintain proper pool water chemistry in accordance with The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)
  • While Pool Mats are compatible with most automatic vacuum systems, you may have to remove or re-adjust your Pool Mat when using a manual vacuum depending on the model.
  • Clean your Pool Mat (especially the underside) periodically to prevent algae or other buildup. Pool Mats do not provide guaranteed anti-microbial protection.


  • Do not use abrasives, chemicals, or industrial cleaners on Pool Mats. Clean your mat with mild soap and a soft cloth.

  • Do not use Pool Mats in pools with in-floor pop-up jets. Water propelled by the jets will cause mats to move around.
  • Do not place your Pool Mat in a hot tub, whirlpool, or bathtub.
  • Do not place your Pool Mat on a slope or incline as it will eventually drift to a flat area.
  • Do not adhere Pool Mats to the pool floor or walls.
  • Do not allow your Pool Mat to cover drains or other functioning pool maintenance equipment.
  • Do not use Pool Mat products as a floatation device. Pool Mat products are intended for DECORATIVE USE ONLY.
  • Do not leave your Pool Mats unattended outside of the pool or use in less than 3 feet of water. Pool mats are slippery when wet and pose a risk if left on the ground outside of the pool.
  • Do not allow children or pets to play with Pool Mats. Installation should be performed by a capable adult.
  • Do not swim underneath your mat. Pool Mats should not be disturbed when in use.
  • Do not leave your Pool Mat in the pool when it is winterized or closed for the season. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your decorative POOLSAIC™ Pool Mat is manufactured with a clear laminate surface to protect the vibrant design. This film may develop wrinkles when rolled for shipment and storage. Please note that these wrinkles are not visible when your Pool Mat is installed and are NOT considered defects.