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Guidelines for Use

Maintenance and Safety Guidelines for using Poolsaic™ products

You want your pool mat to last a long time and prevent any possible hazards so keep these tips in mind.


  • Remove your Poolsaic™ from the pool when the pool is closed or covered, even for a short time.
  • Let it dry thoroughly before storing for the winter.
  • Store flat in a cool dry area. (For long-term storage, you can roll with the printed side facing out and store it in a cool dry place. For best results, wrap the mat in the piece of protective foam that your mat came with.
  • Remove during heavy shock treatments or when chlorination levels exceed 10 PPM or more.
  • Maintain proper pool water chemistry in accordance with The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) guidelines.
  • Remove your Poolsaic™ when using a manual vacuum that can move or shift the placement of the mat. Pool mats are compatible with most automatic vacuum systems.
  • Clean your Poolsaic™ (especially the underside) periodically to prevent algae or other buildup. Poolsaic™ mats do not guarantee anti-microbial protection.


  • Do not use abrasives or chemicals to clean Poolsaics™. Mild soap and a soft cloth work just fine.
  • Do not use Poolsaics™ in pools that utilize in-floor, pop-up jets cleaning systems. The water propelled by the jets will not allow your mat to stay in place.
  • Do not allow your Poolsaic™ to cover drains or other functioning maintenance equipment.
  • Do not place your Poolsaic™ in a hot tub, whirlpool, or bathtub or use in a pool that is less than 3’ deep.
  • Do not adhere Poolsaics™ to the pool floor or walls.
  • Do not place your Poolsaic™ on a slope or incline as it will eventually drift to a flat area.
  • Do not use Poolsaic™ products as a floatation device. This also applies to floating graphics. Poolsaic™ products are intended for decorative USE only.
  • Do not leave your Poolsaic™ unattended outside of the pool. Poolsaics™ are slippery when wet and pose a risk if left on the ground outside of the pool.
  • Do not allow children or pets to play with Poolsaics™. Installation should be performed by a capable adult.
  • Do not swim underneath your mat. Poolsaics™ are very heavy and should not be disturbed when in use.
  • Do not use heavy chemical treatments or industrial cleaning solutions on your Poolsaic™. A mild soap and water solution may be used to clean your mat.
  • Poolmats are not intended for long term use in indoor pools. The typical lifespan for indoor or enclosed pools is 1-2 weeks max.
  • Do not leave your Poolsaic™ in the pool when it is covered or enclosed, even for a short time. Enclosed chemicals will have an accelerated fading effect, especially on predominantly yellow graphics.