Temporary Pool Floor Graphics

Removable pool graphics are available on solid or transparent material.

Swimming pool graphics are an effective form of marketing for all types of businesses. Sponsoring a swim meet at a high school, collegiate, or  professional level can be a very effective means of advertising your product or service. Promote your business or product with a custom poolmat that simple drops in and lays flat on the pool floor. No adhesive or drainage needed!

How Does It Work?

Create a sense of team spirit for swim teams, businesses, sales teams and promotional events with a custom pool mat. Portable pool graphics are available on opaque or transparent background material. Oversized graphics are also available. Put your logo on the floor of any pool to market your company or product. Our products are portable and extremely durable so they are ideal for travel and may be used several times over.

Portable pool graphics are easy to install in as little as 5 minutes. Simply drop your pool graphic into the pool and flatten it with a brush, long-handled tool or even your own feet. When the event is over, you can easily remove the graphic from the pool and take it with you.

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PLEASE NOTE: Your decorative POOLSAICâ„¢ Pool Mat is manufactured with a clear laminate surface to protect the vibrant design. This film may develop wrinkles when rolled for shipment and storage. Please note that these wrinkles are not visible when your Pool Mat is installed and are NOT considered defects.