How do Pool Graphics stay in place? 
Gravity. Our underwater pool decals are made of a proprietary weighted material that stays in place by applying pressure. Apply even pressure across the surface of your decal to create a cling effect.

Can I use outside of the pool as a non-slip mat?
No. POOLSAIC brand pool art is for underwater use only and may cause serious (or in extreme cases fatal) injury if used in any manner that does not correspond with provided instructions. 

What if my Pool Graphics moves? 
Make sure that the underside of your emblem is clean and free of any debris and that you have installed it properly. Read and follow the installation instructions carefully to get the best performance out of your emblem. This product should also not be placed on a slope as it may eventually drift. 

What type of pool can a Pool Graphics be used in? Pool Graphics are designed for use in all types of flat surface pools include concrete, gunite, fiberglass, vinyl, plaster, steel and other non-textured surfaces, as well as both chlorine and saltwater pool systems. PebbleTec finishes and textured tile will allow water and air to get underneath the decal and break the vacuum-like suction effect that holds it in place. Your Pool Graphics should not be placed on a slope. 

Will pool graphics get in the way of cleaning? Should I remove the decal to vacuum? 
We do recommend removing your Pool Art if you are performing thorough, in-depth pool cleaning. For routine vacuuming, you can leave it in the pool. You may, however, need to readjust the decal once you are done as Underwater pool decals have a tendency to shift slightly with repetitive disturbance. 

Will Pool Graphics interfere with automatic pool cleaners? 
Automatic vacuums and pool cleaners such as the Polaris cleaner will not be affected by Pool medallions. We have tested them with our pool cleaners and they simply continue on their path around the graphics. In-floor cleaning systems that employ water jets are typically not compatible with Pool Graphics while in use. The force created by the jets can create air pockets and allow water to get underneath, causing your POOLSAIC™ art to shift. 

Why are there wrinkles in my Pool Art? Is it damaged?
No. Your decorative POOLSAIC™  Pool Art is manufactured with a clear laminate surface to protect the vibrant design. This film may develop wrinkles when rolled for shipment and storage. Please note that these wrinkles are not visible when your Pool Art is installed and are not considered a defect.

How long will my Pool Graphics last? 
Our graphics are printed with UV resistant ink that will last for several seasons in the sun. 

Can I adhere my Underwater Pool Graphics to the pool floor or walls? 
We do not recommend using adhesive on your Pool Art. The purpose of Pool Graphics is to provide temporary, removable decoration for your pool. Pool Graphics is not responsible for damages or defects once the decal is adhered and will not issue any sort of refund or replacement for products that are not used in the intended manner.