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Care & Cleaning

You want your pool mat to last a long time and avoid wear and tear so keep these tips in mind.

Remove your Poolsaic™ from the pool when the pool is closed or covered, even for a short time.
To store, let it dry and store flat in a cool dry area.
For long-term storage, roll with the printed side facing out and store it in a cool dry place. For best results, wrap the mat in the piece of protective foam that your mat came with. Winterizing helps keep your mat in good shape and extends mat life.
Remove during heavy shock treatments or when chlorination levels exceed 10 PPM or more.
Designs that are predominantly yellow in color are not recommended for use in salt water pools.

Do not use abrasives or chemicals to clean PoolsaicsTM. Mild soap and a soft cloth work just fine.
Be sure to clean underneath your mat periodically to prevent algae or other buildup.
When using heavy duty chemicals or manual vacuuming, removing your Poolsaic™ mat is recommended. Pool mats are compatible with automatic cleaners such as the Polaris cleaner.