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POOLSAIC™ is a division of LAMATEK, Inc. Read our COVID-19 Statement here.

Installation Instructions

Step 1
Unroll your poolmat, image side up, and let it sit out in the sun for 1 - 2 hours to allow the material to uncurl. Do not drag the image across the ground when moving your Poolsaic.

Step 2
Place your poolmat in the water and let it sink to the floor. Position on a flat area no less than 3’ deep.

Step 3
Using your hands, feet or a blunt, long-handled pool tool (like a soft pool brush), apply pressure and flatten the mat as if you were applying a sticker. You’ll want to smooth all air and water out from underneath the mat to create the “suction” or vacuum effect that keeps it in place. Apply even pressure across the entire surface of the mat to smooth out any residual air or water.

* We do NOT recommend using an adhesive to secure your poolmat. The purpose of Poolsaics is to provide temporary, removable decoration for your pool. Poolsaic is not responsible for damages or defects once the mat is adhered and will not issue any sort of refund or replacement for products that are not used in the intended manner.