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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Poolsaics™ stay in place?
Gravity. Our pool mats are made of heavy vinyl that stays in place by water pressure and the weight of the material.

What type of pool can a Poolsaic™ be used in?
Poolsaics™ are designed for use in all types of flat surface pools include concrete, gunite, fiberglass, vinyl, plaster, steel and other non-textured surfaces. PebbleTec finishes and textured tile will allow water and air to get underneath the mat and interupt the vacuum-like suction effect that holds it in place.

Will pool graphics get in the way of cleaning? Should I remove the mat to vacuum my pool?
We do recommend removing your pool mat if you are performing thorough, in depth pool cleaning. For routine vacuuming, you can leave it in the pool. You may, however have to readjust the mat once you are done as they have a tendency to shift slightly if they are nudged repeatedly.

Will Poolsaic™ interfere with automatic pool cleaners?
Automatic vacuums and pool cleaners such as the Polaris cleaner will not be affected by pool mats. We have tested them with our pool cleaners and they simply continue on their path around the mats. In-floor cleaning systems that employ water jets are typically not compatible with Poolsaics™ while in use. The force created by the jets can create air pockets and allow water to get underneath, causing your Poolsaic™ to shift.

Why are there wrinkles on the surface of my mat? Is it defective?
No. Your decorative POOLSAIC™ Pool Mat is manufactured with a clear laminate surface to protect the vibrant design. This film may develop wrinkles when rolled for shipment and storage. Please note that these wrinkles are not visible when your Pool Mat is installed and are NOT considered defects

.When will my pool mat get here?

Standard stock pool mats ship within 1-3 business days depending on availability. Custom pool mats including monograms, logos and other customized products may require up to 3 weeks for design, print scheduling and shipping. These usually ship within a few days of final artwork approval and receipt of payment. For more information, please view our shipping policy.

Can you put a logo on my Poolsaic™?
Yes. We specialize in making pool art mats for corporate sponsored events and parties. Uploaded graphics and copyrights are the responsibility of the purchaser.

What are the mats made of?
Poolsaics™ are made of 1/8" thick vinyl, the same kind that is used for vinyl pool liner.

How long will my Poolsaic™ last in the pool?
Our mats are printed with UV resistant ink that will last for several seasons in your pool.

I want a larger pool mat than what you have. Can you make that?
Yes. We are capable of making pool mats in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may contact us for a custom quote if you would like a larger mat. Mats that are larger than 5' are printed as separate pieces and adhered together with a virtually invisible seam.

Can I put a photograph on a Poolsaic™?
Yes. The photo must be a high quality original digital photograph.

How can I become a resale distributor of Poolsaic™ mats?
Fill out an application for distributorship and someone will contact you to set up a distributor account.